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Dish of the Day If you can't decide what to have, leave it to our chef. Please specify the strength of the sauce you would like to have

Mint Bhuna Cooked with onions, blend of spice and mint in a medium strength curry sauce

Shampan This dish is cooked in a blend of mixed spices, garnished with cheese and that gives it unique flavour

Chom Chom This is a flavoursome thick medium spicy dish cooked with fresh herbs and garnished with fried onions

Agni Karahi Charcoal grilled. Cooked with onions, capsicum, garlic and fresh coriander and brandy

Desi Special Karahi Lamb, chicken, peas and chana dall in a very rich source. Spiced with many different flavours

Karahi Cooked in mustard oil and ground spices, fresh herbs and green chilies

Jalfrezi Marinated in fresh lemon juice, herbs, spices, fresh gene chilies (fairly hot)

Shathkora A dish cooked with garlic and cooked in a spicy sauce of medium strength and garnished with citrus fruit. A dish to experience

Shahi Shashlick Bhuna Immersed overnight together with onions, Peppers and tomatoes, grilled and gently cooked Goan style (medium in taste)

Naga Tharkari A combination of chicken cooked with mincemeat and hot chilli seed, fresh garlic (fairly hot)

Hasina Cooked with fresh garlic, ginger and spinach. This astonishing dish is like what you would eat it an Asian family's home as a guest. Medium spice

Jaflong Special This dish is highly recommended for the one with hot taste buds. Cooked in a fairly hot sauce garnished with fresh herbs and spices

Deresh Cooked with okra, onion, garlic, herbs spices and corianders

Lemon Chilli Marinated in a delightful spicy sauce with fresh lemon, garlic, ginger and black pepper. It might sound a bit hotter... than it is (fairly hot)

Pepper, Garlic Chilli Made with fresh capsicum, garlic, green chilies, tomatoes. Sprinkled over with fresh coriander

Punjabi Specially selected spices, cooked with a fair amount of ginger, garlic, green peppers, chopped onions and fenugreek to give it some aroma with garam masala

Keema Matar Mince lamb and fresh green peas cooked with a selection of rich spices garnished with coriander

Worri Cooked with green beans, medium spices, fresh coriander and herbs

Mita Kodu Butternut squash cooked with herbs and spice in a medium sauce. Bhuna style

Gobi Bhuna Cauliflower cooked with medium strength sauce with tomatoes

Monkfish and Seabass

Sylheti Machli
Monkfish cooked in a medium sauce with garlic, spinach and a special sylhety spice

Aloo Mass
Monkfish and potato cooked in a traditional way, how it is cooked in Bangladesh by villagers

Seabass Bindya
Seabass cooked with mango chutney, fresh mint, lemon, garlic, ginger, a blend of exotic spices with a touch of fresh cream and yoghurt. Mild

Dhaka Machili
Seabass cooked in a medium sauce with garlic, spinach and potato with special dhakaya spice

Balti Selection

Try this famous dish which is cooked in medium strength sauce

Chicken Tikka Balti
Lamb or Chicken Tikka Sag Balti
Lamb Tikka Balti
Chicken Balti
Chicken Garlic Chilli Balti
Chicken and Mushroom Balti
King Prawn Balti

Famous Old Dishes

Madras, Bhuna, Rogan Josh, Pathia, Duplaza, Vindaloo, Korma, Dansak

Dishes can be cooked with the following:

Chicken Tikka/Chicken
Lamb Tikka/Lamb
Salmon Fish
King Prawn
All Special Mix

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, keema